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Lagoona Blue™ Doll with Little Sister Doll!
Appropriate for: 6+

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Lagoona Blue™ Doll with Little Sister Doll!

Monster High™ family doll packs help bring the ghouls' home lives to life. The younger siblings of the Monster High™ ghouls aren't ready for Monster High™ high school yet, but they are ready for monster fun with their big sisters! Lagoona Blue™ doll is taking her little sister, Kelpie Blue™ doll, to the beach. Cool accessories for a sunny day include a pair of sunglasses for each daughter of a sea monster, a sea-inspired beach bag for each, a drink (with straw) and a sandwich they can share. Designed in a smaller scale (7 inches), Kelpie Blue™ doll makes a splash wearing a colorful striped swimsuit with decal, a sheer poofy skirt cover-up in a matching pink, teal flip-flops and a pink headband to keep back her blonde and blue curls. Lagoona Blue™ doll makes waves in a swimsuit with colorful print, orange trim and a sheer blue peplum; orange shoes are fintastic! Ghouls at home will love the opportunities to explore family bonding and learn to embrace what makes them unique along with their beast friends from Monster High™.

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