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​Draculaura™ Doll with Kitchen Play Set and Dad Doll
Appropriate for: 6+

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​Draculaura™ Doll with Kitchen Play Set and Dad Doll

Draculaura™ doll and her father, Dracula doll, can cook up a storm for friends and family with this Monster High™ vampire kitchen play set. It comes with all of the ingredients for fun: both Draculaura™ doll and Dracula doll, along with furniture and so many accessories! There's an oven and stove piece with a cabinet at the top. A frying pan and pot fit on the "burners" and have food bubbling away. Open the oven to bake up goodies for dessert -- like the stackable cake, muffins or pink tray of treats -- and hang the bat-decorated dishtowel on its handle. Do everything else at the kitchen sink: there's a mini-fridge below the sink and a counter with extension to create a table for Draculaura™ doll and Dracula doll to pull up the two chairs to eat. The sink has a cover decorated with bubbles; lift it up to put dishes inside for realistic clean up. Helpful hooks hang kitchen utensils from the web-decorated frame and another hook is perfect for the chandelier. Use the counter to place the mixer; spin its top to spin its tentacled beater, too! Each piece has Monster High™ style with signature colors (lots of pink, purple and black), iconic decals (a moon, bats and spider webs) and cool touches (paws for furniture feet and bat-shaped handles). Draculaura™ doll and Dracula doll both look fangtastic in outfits perfect for a simple dinner at home, an evening of entertaining or a birthday celebration -- with cake

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