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​Clawdeen Wolf™ Doll with Little Brother and Sister Dolls!
Appropriate for: 6+

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​Clawdeen Wolf™ Doll with Little Brother and Sister Dolls!

Monster High™ family doll packs help bring the ghouls' home lives to life. The younger siblings of the Monster High™ ghouls aren't ready for Monster High™ high school yet, but they are ready for monster fun with their big sisters! Clawdeen Wolf™ doll is helping two of her younger siblings get to bed: a brother small doll, Barker Wolf™, and a toddler sister doll, Weredith Wolf™. Bedtime accessories that help get the little ones to stop howling at the moon include a pink blanket, toddler cup, toothbrush and wolf-shaped sleep mask. Designed in small scale (5.5 inches), the little brother doll is kid-cute with details that highlight his werewolf evolution, like wolf ears and oversized hands and feet detailed with fur. The 2-inch mini sister doll is adorable with a pink "gem" hairpiece between her ears. And everyone is wearing their favorite pajamas -- even Clawdeen Wolf™ doll! Ghouls at home will love the opportunities to explore family bonding and learn to embrace what makes them unique along with their beast friends from Monster High™. Collect all of the Monster High™ dolls and play sets for your own howlways because Everyone Is Welcome at Monster High™ (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Clawdeen Wolf™ doll wearing fashion and accessories, brother small doll wearing fashions, little sister mini doll and bedtime-themed storytelling pieces. Clawdeen Wolf™ doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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