Item #: DNX36
Monster High® Voltageous Hair™ Frankie Stein® Doll
MSRP: $24.99
Appropriate for: 6+

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Monster High® Voltageous Hair™ Frankie Stein® Doll

Young stylists can use the Monster High™ UV light tool and included stencils to create a voltageous looks for Frankie Stein™ doll. The daughter of Frankenstein has uniquely treated hair so that the white streaks on her head and the two colored hair extensions (one pink and one blue) included within the set are UV light sensitive. Place a sensitive section of hair within the silvery UV light tool, designed to resemble a flat iron, and hold inside for a few seconds to create designs. Choose from one of the enclosed stencils -- that feature designs inspired by iconic Monster High™ symbols and Frankie's scaritage, like stitches or lightning bolts -- or create your own designs. Use one or both extensions. Add one icon or many. Style a look and turn out the lights to really admire your work. Frankie Stein™ doll is ready to come to life in a dress with blue plaid and bright blue booties -- tell a tale or snap a picture (a doll stand helps hold scary cool poses to showcase your styles). Then brush your look out using the Skullette™-shaped hairbrush and start again to create a whole new look. The possibilities for creativity and expression are endless!

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