Item #: DMF91
Monster High® Deluxe High School
MSRP: $129.99
Appropriate for: 6+

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Monster High® Deluxe High School

Extra-large and brightly colored, it features multiple levels and rooms with monster surprises. The office of Headmistress Bloodgood™ is revealed when the clock tower is opened. The front hallway doubles as a party room, with radio booth and signage in the room above and tentacles that pop out from the locker to make a seat. Take a seat in the classroom with its blackboard and chairs, and soak up ancient knowledge in the Library/Study Howl. Grab a bite in the Creepateria™. There's a lunch line, register, table and tray. Hang upside-down in the Vampire Lounge. A gore-geous pink and black quilted chair hangs from the ceiling. Expand the school for more play and display possibilities, or close up for more convenient storage.

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