Item #: CHW75
Monster High® Fangtastic Fitness™ Lagoona Blue® Doll
MSRP: $9.99
Appropriate for: 8+

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Monster High® Fangtastic Fitness™ Lagoona Blue® Doll

Venus McFlytrap™, Catrine DeMew™ and Lagoona Blue™ dolls take their fitness seriously and have the accessories needed to really get a monster workout in. Venus McFlytrap™ doll, daughter of the Plant Monster, strengthens her arms with an eye-catching resistance band in bright pink that fits in her hands! It matches her scary cool outfit with its mesmerizing green graphic on the black top and a plant-inspired print on red and black shorts. Vine-inspired bracelets wrap around her wrists for a workout with killer style. Collect all three Monster High™ fitness dolls for a full workout and monster play and display.

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