Item #: FDF13
Monster High® Party Ghouls™ Rochelle Goyle® Doll
Appropriate for: 6+

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Monster High® Party Ghouls™ Rochelle Goyle® Doll

The Monster High™ dolls are all dressed up for a party with beastie purses to bring their outfits to life! Rochelle Goyle™ doll looks fashionably fierce wearing a party dress with signature colors, an iconic print and a trendy silhouette. Use the fun snap-in monster-inspired accessories to customize her look. Iconic pieces can snap into her clawesome shoes, fangtastic headpiece, torso adornment -- and the beastie purse. Decorate one way for one story; then redecorate for another. Rochelle Goyle™ doll, the daughter of a gargoyle, is rock solid in pinks and blues with black accents, a ruffled skirt and flowers on the shoulders. Pink boots (with Scarisian scrolls), an artsy headband and her gray gargoyle beastie bag can be decorated with a colorful bow, Scarisian scrollwork and a dragonfly to let you create a masterpiece!

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