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 Gooliope Jellington™ 
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Appropriate for: 6+

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 Gooliope Jellington™ 

As the Monster High™ ghouls make new beast friends with the GIANT star of Freak du Chic™, Goolliope Jellington™, the show really begins. Gooliope has been traveling with the circus since she was a baby left on its steps. Her scarnival family thinks she's the daughter of a Blob, but whatever her scaritage, at 17-inches tall, this doll is larger than unlife! She is a tower of freaky fabulous fashion dressed in an over-the-top big tent dress decorated with an iconic print in red, yellow and black; a black and white striped belt; and golden epaulet collar necklace. Circus chic accessories include golden wagon wheel earrings, a golden calliope headband and killer pink merry-go-round-inspired shoes with skeleton horses for heels. Kids will love recreating scenes from the webisodes or telling tall tales of their own. Giant Goolliope Jellington™ may or may not be the daughter of the Blob, but she is definitely larger than unlife at 17 inches tall! She’s a tower of freaky fabulous fashion in a big tent dress with colorful print, striped belt and epaulet collar necklace. Freaky fabulous accessories include wagon wheel earrings, a calliope headband and killer shoes with merry-go-round skeleton horses for heels. Collect all of the Monster High™ Freak du Chic™ dolls (each sold separately) for over-the-top monster fun.

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