Item #: CFC88
Vinyl Lagoona
MSRP: $12.99
Appropriate for: 6+

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Vinyl Lagoona

Since their debut, the ghouls and Mansters of Monster High have been showcasing their freaky fabulous flaws with scary cool style and hair-raising adventures. From the howlways of school to the catacombs below, from Scaris to Hauntlywood, from picture day to dances, these children of monsters have entertained fans with their unique personalities and stories. Now, favorite Monster High characters are available in a new freaky fabulous form ideal for monster display! Molded in vinyl, this immobile Lagoona Blue figure is easily recognized in her signature sea-inspired outfit that fans will recognize from her original introduction. A dynamic pose captures her unique personality, and fintastic details -- like a wave-making headband -- highlight her Scaritage as daughter of the Sea Monster. Collect other ghouls and Mansters for full attendance (each sold separately)!

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