Item #: CDC33
Haunted Student Spirits™ Kiyomi Haunterly™ Doll 
MSRP: $19.99
Appropriate for: 6+

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Haunted Student Spirits™ Kiyomi Haunterly™ Doll 

When things take a spooky turn, the ghouls make some new friends to save Spectra Vondergeist® from a life of chains -- detention chains. Kiyomi Haunterly™, Daughter of the Noppera-Bo (Faceless Ghost), "floats" with the ghouls into one frightful horror show. She wears a wooo-nderfully ghostly outfit in her favorite color, purple, with a scary cool print in foil pinks. Freaky fabulous accessories include long pink chains hanging from her belt, Mary Jane shoes and socks, a captivating collar necklace and a freaky floaty hair clip. A matching bag featuring a ghostly face is to-die-for. Style her brilliant purple locks into a hair-raising 'do with the included brush, and pose her in the translucent, chain link display stand for a hauntingly boo-tiful display that makes her appear to float! An enclosed diary includes extra gory details about the un-life of this fabulous ghost. Collect all the haunted ghouls and Manster™ to haunt your own howlways with monster fun! Includes Kiyomi Haunterly™ doll wearing fashion and accessories, doll stand, hairbrush and diary.

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