Purrsephone & Meowlody | Monster High

Purrsephone & Meowlody

Parents: The Werecats

Killer Style:
Purrsephone: We purrfurr skirts, vests, and shiny, jingly bracelets. We also love fashion that match. Right sister?
Meowlody: You're sooo correct. It makes life so much less confusing...for us.

Freaky Flaw:
Purrsephone: Sometimes our curiosity gets us into trouble and we agree to purrticipate in the plans of others without considering the consequences.
Meowlody: Why sister, you make it sound like we don't have a mind of our own.
Purrsephone: My apologies, purrhapps I was mistaken then.

Favorite Color: Our favorite color is orange and burnt orange.

Favorite Food: Ice cream.

Pet Peeve:
Purrsephone: When monsters automatically assume we think alike and always agree on everything.
Meowlody: That's not my pet peeve. I don't like closed doors.
Purrsephone: Well you could just open them.
Meowlody: That's not the point.

Favorite Activity: When we're not napping we love gymnastics. Especially since we always land on our feet.

Pet: We use to have a canary...but one of use is allergic to birds and we had to give him away.

GFFs: Meowlody& Purrsephone

Favorite Subject: We love Mad Science, especially the section on genetics.

Least Favorite Subject: Home Ick-Ms. Kindergrubber made us wear full body hairnets.

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