Monster High Books

Monster High Books

Available in bookstores, get your claws on the latest Monster High books for tweens and young adult girls haunt off the press!

Book1: And You Thought Your High School Was Scary!

Frankie Stein just enrolled at Merston High School and is looking forward to all that the future holds: rockin’ parties, shopping sprees, and, of course, cute boys! But high school hides a MONSTER of a secret: The fantastically fabulous kids of the world’s most famous monsters hang out in plain sight among the “normie” student body! Even though she was created only fifteen days ago, Frankie is wise enough to know that if her secret gets out, her high school dreams could be as fragile as her not-entirely-secure body parts! When she meets normie newcomer Melody Carver, Frankie begins to wonder if Merston High is big enough for monsters and normies to coexist - but is this worth the risk to find out?

Book2: The Ghoul Next Door

About to read Monster High Book #1 for the umpteenth time? Then you’ll be super psyched to hear that the Ghoul Next Door - the second book in the frighteningly popular series - has finally arrived! Dying to know if Cleo still rules the school? Could it be that the monster of a princess is becoming a mere specter in the face of Frankie and Melody’s growing popularity? And what’s this about Frankie shooting a documentary? Will the project earn her admiration and fame - and best of all, the freedom to be herself - or could it prove to be a totally voltageous mistake? There’s only one way to find out: Pick up your copy of The Ghoul Next Door now!

Book3: Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way

Thank goth the latest edition of the frighteningly popular Monster High™ series has finally arrived. Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way puts the full moon spotlight on Clawdeen Wolf, as she gets ready to celebrate her Sweet 16 bash. But after The Ghoul Next Door goes viral, it's into the woods for the family Wolf. Clawdeen goes stir crazy lying low at her family's B&B with her annoying six brothers until her freaky-fab BFF shows up to keep her company. But is the vamp flirting with Clawd?!DELETED LAST SENTENCE


Enroll in Monster High with this freaky fab journal featuring lots of activities and fun facts about all your fav Monster high characters! Open the sparkly cover to find page after page of monster fun: drop-dead gorgeous fashion tips, scary-cool activities, and even some freaky-fabulous DIY projects! There’s also journal pages for you to write your secrets and a ribbon bookmarked so you don’t lose your place.

Book4: Back and Deader than Ever

This book will leave you spellbound! Dying to read the latest in the freaky fab Monster High series? Don't fear! Monster High 4: Back and Deader than Ever is hear. In the new book, the RADs are free and Draculaura

Book5: Ghoulfriends Forever

Ghoulfriends Forever is the first book in a brand-new Monster High series by Gitty Daneshvari., The series introduces three new monster students who must navigate the bewildering array of cute monster boys, established cliques and monster-rific subjects, like Mad Science, G-ogre-phy and Physical Deaducation. As if that weren't hard enough, something strange and sinister seems to be happening at the school. Popular girls like Frankie Stein and Cleo de Nile are acting weird--and all signs point to everyone's new favorite teacher, Miss Sylphia Flapper. Can the new GFFs expose the fav as a fraud, or will they succumb to peer pressure? The scary-cool new read is on bookshelves now!